High Ideals

collageAt the Weaver Dairy Community Preschool we have high ideals. We came together in hopes of creating a preschool that would serve the needs of everyone involved: children, families, and staff.

At the Weaver Dairy Community Preschool children have choices. We believe that giving children choices whenever possible, and encouraging them to make their own decisions, fosters self-esteem and helps children feel more in control of their world.

The daily schedule at the preschool allows for ample opportunities for both structured and unstructured activities. Experts agree that children learn best through play, and we play a lot. We play inside, outside, in large groups, small groups, and independently.

We are a 5 star program with a loving, qualified and experienced staff. Our teacher to child ratios are excellent. Staff work together as a team to provide a nurturing and loving environment for children.

Click here to download a copy of our operational policy 2017 as a PDF file.