Garland Hattman

Hello! My name is Garland Hattman. Layne Mottola and I are co-founders of The Weaver Dairy Community Preschool. We opened the school in September of 1997. During the summer of 1997, we renovated/modified the building in preparation for the fall opening. I had just had my first child, Garrett. She was just 3 months that summer when we were busy knocking down walls, painting, and ordering equipment. I’m pleased to say that we made it through the summer renovation (which was chock full of unexpected challenges/expenses), and have been evolving ever since.

I am a native of Chapel Hill. I have two children, my daughter Garrett (1997), and my son Jonas who was born in 2001. They are both graduates of Weaver Dairy!

I got my undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia, and have taken several courses in the field since graduating. My first job out of college (oh so many years ago) was working as a preschool teacher. Layne and I were co-teachers, working with preschool-aged children. We were a great team in 1991, and continue to complement each other all these years later! I love working with young children, and strive to support both the child and family. I really enjoy the meaningful relationships (with children, parents and staff) that are created by working at a warm and nurturing program.

I enjoy walking with my dogs, reading and spending time in my garden.

Layne Mottola

Garland and I met in 1991 when we taught at the same (now defunct) school in Chapel Hill. We both left that school when things took an unfortunate turn for the worse and I went on to a new job teaching at the Chapel Hill Cooperative Preschool. I taught there for 5 years before Garland and I decided to pursue our pipe dream of opening our own school. After much hard work and red tape, WDCP opened in 1997!

When we opened, I was the sole blue room teacher and Garland was the yellow room teacher. There was no one in the office! Over the next few years we added more staff and had more time to spend doing administrative tasks. My husband, Rob, and I have 3 daughters, Maeve (2000), Olwen (2004) and Lia Wolhee, (2009), all Weaver Dairy kids! We very much enjoy “country” living in town with our dogs, cats and chickens.

I was born and raised in Virginia and went to UVA as an undergrad. I transferred my graduate studies to UNC Chapel Hill, moved here, got a job teaching preschool, and never went back to my graduate work in speech pathology because I had found the work I love: working with young children everyday!

I enjoy reading, cooking, being outside in my garden and wish I could work more exercise into my life. I love working at WDCP because I get to laugh a lot, sing a lot, work with a great staff and I have a great co-director in Garland (which makes all the difference in the world in this job)! Children keep me grounded and help me remember what’s important in this life. And they crack me up!

Susan Frost

I am originally from New England, and moved to Chapel Hill in 1992 when my husband transferred to the Triangle. Jeff, my husband, is an engineer. We have three children. My daughter Sarah graduated from ECU and now works at WDCP in the purple room. My son Steven graduated from NC State. Michael, my youngest, is currently attending NC State. My free time is absorbed attending sporting events, which various family members participate in. I enjoy working out, reading, and moments of peace and quiet.

I began teaching when my older son attended the Chapel Hill Cooperative Preschool (where Layne was a teacher). I had volunteered in the class, and really enjoyed it. I was hired to work part-time, and continued until Michael was born. When Michael was three, I was excited to learn that The Weaver Dairy Community Preschool was opening up. It was close to my home, and Layne was a co-founder! I enrolled Michael in 1998, and began substitute teaching. I gradually became a permanent teacher at the preschool.

I love working with young children! Every day I receive hugs, laugh out loud, and get to be silly! Watching children grow physically, socially, and emotionally is extremely rewarding.

Jennifer Rundell

I started working at WDCP in August of 2006. Back then I had just one daughter, Elliana, who was born in November of 2005. I have lived in the South for many years now, but grew up in Massachusetts and New York. I came to work at Weaver Dairy knowing that I would find a place where I would enjoy working as well as a place where my daughter would thrive and love to come every day. Now I have 3 daughters all of whom have attended WDCP!

I enjoy being with my daughters, cooking, being outside, walking. In my past life (pre-children) I loved going to the gym, but nowadays I don’t find much time for that sort of thing.

I have worked with children of all ages for many years. I have always loved working with children and families and have learned so much through them, and now that I am a parent myself, I feel that I have so much more to offer.

Audrey Trapolsi

Hello! I’m Audrey Trapolsi. In my pre-mom life, I worked in finance before I decided that I preferred the classroom, and then taught for ten years. My husband Don and I just relocated to North Carolina for the climate and wonderful quality of life here. We’re originally from Pennsylvania. I have always enjoyed working with children because I love their humor, curiosity, and caring. When I’m not busy with mom-stuff, I love to paint, draw, write, and be outdoors.

I have a BA in English from Bryn Mawr College and an MA in Elementary Ed from Teacher’s College, Columbia University. My 2 daughters currently attend WDCP.

Michelle Morgan

The philosophy here (at WDCP) of giving children choice, the focus on building positive social skills and
self esteem, allowing children to play and be kids, all resonate completely with my own
parenting philosophy and career desires for working with children. Having teenage children has
given me a deeper appreciation of these early years and how important providing a loving,
esteem building, safe environment is. This is a precious time. I can’t believe that I now have
the privilege of helping to provide this healthy foundation for youngsters as a career. I’m also
eager to learn from your children.

I moved to NC from Ohio almost four years ago following an inner call for change, the desire to be closer to the
ocean and mountains and wanting to be immersed in natural beauty and warmer weather. I
love walking, running, standup paddle boarding, hanging out with my family and cats. Though I
will miss my kids dearly as they launch out on their own, I’m looking forward to the “second
chapter” of my life, curious as to how it will unfold and what adventures await me there.

Brittany Richardson

Hello Families,

My name is Brittany and I am currently on of the 2 toddler teachers at WDCP.  I am originally from Jonesboro, Georgia, about 15 minutes out from Atlanta. My family and I moved to North Carolina three years ago for a change of scenery and to hit a refresh button on life. We have two children. My youngest currently attends WDCP.

I have eight years of experience working with children, mostly concentrated on three to five year olds, but I love working with all ages. Being the oldest of six children and volunteering sparked my love for working with children.  I love working in the early childcare field because of the love children have, being able to be their educational foundation, and they keep you young :)!  I just completed my Early Childhood Education program earning a Bachelors degree from Ashford University!

In my free time I love playing my flute, crafting, journaling, and reading!


Allegra Berry

My name is Allegra and I am the new Floater teacher for WDCP. My affinity for kids started when I was young. At the age of 12 I started as a parent helper and worked my way up to babysitter/nanny. The past two summers I had the opportunity to work at a preschool in Carrboro. Preschool is an exciting world to be working in because of the boundless imagination of children. Fostering curiosity and a willingness to learn is both a privilege and responsibility that I do not take for granted.
Another passion for me is athletics and much of my free time is spent playing, watching, and coaching various sports. I am currently working towards a Communications degree with a focus in Sports Management. Whether it be in a personal, educational, or athletic setting, I am driven to make a positive impact on youth lives!

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